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Conlangs(parent company) take privacy very seriously. Please read this privacy policy for more information.

Topic Coverage

This privacy policy covers this web site (Conlangs) and web sites that are a part of its network (as listed on the networks). All other web sites linked from or to here or other web sites in the network do not apply.

Collected Information

Conlangs collects various pieces of information from both anonymous individuals and also registered members. Keep in mind, none of this information is sold or given to any third party or used to communicate unsolicited advertisements via email or otherwise.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Believe it or not, many people still believe that if they post something to their public blog, only their friends will see it. Contrary to such beliefs, information posted to the Internet is available to everyone who can access the Internet. We provide the ability to hide and control access to all pieces of submitted information, but we cannot control what a user post to the public.


Conlangs may set and access cookies on a visitor or user's computer to customize experience. If one disables or rejects cookies, the experience may be hindered.


Conlangs and its parent company may at any time, change, update, or remove any content from this privacy policy without prior notification. Generally, however, we announce all major updates to our policies.